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Commerce Energy Group Inc. (EGR) is Full of Energy

With headquarters in Costa Mesa, California, Commerce Energy Group, Inc. is an independent electricity and natural gas marketing company. Founded in 1997, the company trades on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) as part of the Diversified Utilities industry. Commerce operates through their wholly owned subsidiaries, Commerce Energy, Inc. and Skipping Stone Inc.

The company began as a participant in the deregulation of the electricity market in California. Today, the company serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers in ten states. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and state regulatory agencies, licensed Commerce Energy Group Inc. as an unregulated retail marketer of natural gas and electricity.

Along with headquarters in California, the company also has offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas, as well as in Boston, Massachusetts. Commerce’s Skipping Stone subsidiary is an energy consulting firm. It serves utilities, pipelines, merchant trading, and technology companies. Commerce Energy Group Inc., overall, serves homeowners, commercial and industrial consumers, and institutional customers.

Commerce Energy’s mission is to deliver competitive pricing, innovative product offerings, and personalized customer service to all their customers through their quality gas and electric services. Their strategy is to go where other electricity and natural gas marketing companies do not. Many energy suppliers choose not to serve independent, small business owners. Commerce Energy, however, pursues this business sector, making small business customers a key part of their success.

With customers in California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, and Ohio, Commerce has a broad base. They continue to be a provider for small businesses, residential customers, and everyone else who relies on them. They hope to continue to energize their shareholders as well by marketing natural gas and electricity domestically.

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