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Cogdell Spencer, Inc. (CSA) Subsidiary Signs Two Large Contracts

Cogdell Spencer ERDMAN, wholly owned subsidiary of Cogdell Spencer, Inc., signed two contracts totaling $88.8 million to construct two Healthcare facilities in Wisconsin. The deal helps solidify the company’s leading role in the Healthcare Real Estate Industry.

The first contract is for $53.9 million and is to construct the St. Mary’s Janesville Hospital, a 160,000 square foot facility. The Hospital will be a full service facility with 50 private patient rooms, an intensive care unit and an emergency room.

The second contract is for $34.9 million and is to construct the Dean Janesville Clinic, a 150,000 square foot outpatient clinic designed to be a multi specialty facility. The clinic will also have retail space incorporated into the design.

Cogdell Spencer ERDMAN will begin construction on both facilities later in 2009, and the estimated completion date is late in 2011. Both will be located in Janesville, WI.

Cogdell Spencer ERDMAN is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that resulted from the merger of Cogdell Spencer Inc. and Marshall Erdman and Associates in March 2008. The company specializes in construction of Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics and physician practice centers. Cogdell Spencer ERDMAN owned 61 properties, totaling 3.275 million square feet as of 3/31/2009.

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