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Codexis, Inc. (CDXS) and CO2 Solution (CST.V) Unveil Breakthrough Carbon Capture Tech for Coal-Fired Plants

Codexis, Inc., – a true pioneer, leading the way in highly optimized biocatalysts which make existing industrial processes cleaner, faster and more efficient while enabling new processes to be available at commercial scale, has teamed up with CO2 Solution Inc. (CST.V) and made the first public presentation on their pollution reduction program for coal-fired power plants yesterday.

VP of Biochemistry and Engineering R&D for CDXS, James Lalonde, Ph.D., will join VP of Business Development for CO2 Solution, Jonathan Carley, in presenting their co-developed CO2 scrubber technology for coal-fired plants at the 4th Annual Carbon Capture and Sequestration Business Summit in Washington, DC.

Due to the inefficiency and cost of current carbon capture systems, the technology has lagged behind severely in cases which require large scale deployment.

This collaborative effort between the two companies has produced sophisticated carbonic anhydrase (CA, an enzyme that is incredibly good at catalyzing CO2 in organic systems), biocatalysts, and relative process applications which promise cost-effective and large-scale-deployable scrubbers for capturing CO2 in power plant flue gases.

The Company successfully completed a CDN$2M equity investment in CO2 Solution, acquiring 16.6% of issued and outstanding shares as part of the collaborative effort.

Extant data clearly indicates that the combination of proprietary technologies results in CA biocatalysts with a significantly enhanced absorption profile and a more robust design, which is able to withstand industrial conditions.

The Company was selected as one of the 37 research projects by the US DOE to “fundamentally change the way the country uses and produces energy”, with an up to $4.7M program grant budget under the ARPA-E Recovery Act to create innovative carbon capture biocatalyst technology to solve the emission problems associated with coal-fired plants.

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