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Clear Skies Solar, Inc. (CSKH) Announces Additional $1.1 Million Commercial Contract

Clear Skies Solar, Inc., a company that designs, integrates, and installs solar power systems, recently announced that it has signed an additional $1.1 million commercial contract for its backlog.

“As the stream of good news continues, we have been receiving the first deliveries of products for our permitted installations. Growing the backlog of financeable projects with shorter closing cycles has proven successful. With our new model we feel we have hit on the sweet spot in the industry and for CSS but more importantly we have built a strong sustainable model that we believe will create the much needed steady cash flow,” Said Ezra Green, CEO Clear Skies Solar.

Ezra Green continued, “We closed the month of May with approximately $7 million in sales for 2011, and we are starting June on a very good note while bringing that total to $8 million. The project installations are beginning which will start to relieve the cash flow issues of the past. Forecasting future sales has proven difficult with our old model but with our new model running well, we look forward to discussing Q3 & Q4 2011. As we start the execution of the contracts during Q2, we will maintain the flow of information as events occur as demonstrated over the past 5 months. Although having a sales backlog is important, we need to execute on these projects in order to regain shareholder confidence and that is happening now.

“We have all worked hard at CSS to turn the ship around from the financial abyss of the past several years and feel we have reached the first and most difficult step in accomplishing that goal. A long and healthy backlog of projects with the first permitted projects breaking ground is a great new beginning for CSS.”

The company also announced recently that it received $375k in signed residential and commercial contracts as well.

Ezra Green stated, “As we close the month of May with more than $7 million in closed sales for 2011, we have shown our model is working and we will be duplicating the process in other markets in the near-term future. Successful companies know that expansion needs to be tempered in order to build a solid and sustainable growth model. In the Northeast, we have established that plan for success, and we are now taking the steps necessary to duplicate that process into new markets. We have operated for years on the West Coast, completing a number of large and complicated commercial projects which reflects our ability to complete a project anywhere anytime.”

“This brings our residential backlog to 73 homes exceeding $2.3 million within just 8 weeks of launching. Those are successful numbers for such a short period of time for a brand new program,” said Ezra Green.

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