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China Technology Development Group Corp. (CTDC) Teams Up With ISEC-UNIDO to Develop Chinese Solar Research Lab

China Technology Development Group Corp., a clean energy group focused on bringing together related technologies to create solar energy systems, announced today a cooperative agreement between China Technology Solar Power Holdings Limited (CTSP), and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization International Solar Energy Center for Technology Promotion and Transfer (ISEC-UNIDO). This agreement will co-establish the International Photovoltaic Application Laboratory (PV Lab) in Lanzhou, Gansu province on Nov 14, 2009.

CTDC, whose major shareholders include one of China’s leading state-owned conglomerates, China Merchants Group (CMG), and Beijing Holdings Limited (BHL), the biggest offshore subsidiary created by the Beijing Municipal Government, entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement with CTSP earlier this year (on Oct. 27) to gain 51-percent equity interest. CTSP develops and operates large-scale solar plants, such as the grid-connected Delingha 100MW Solar Power Project, making it a natural addition to CTDC’s structure.

The PV Lab will utilize the Delingha installation as a test framework for certifying and developing PV products like inverters and solar modules. Other activities delineated in the cooperation agreement, such as working on the deployment of PV products to build up on- and off-grid solar systems specifically tailored to high altitude areas, and implementing domestic and overseas research projects in alternative energy, will help to establish the PV Lab as a world-class laboratory. The goal is to have the PV Lab become a National Quality Certification Center for Chinese solar systems to be connected to the grid.

UNIDO Director-General, Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella, joined a host of influential UNIDO and Chinese government officials for the signing ceremony, including President of the International Solar Energy Society, Ms. Monica Oliphant, Director General of the Chinese Renewable Energy Association, Mr. Shi Dinghuan, and Official of Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, Mr. Yao Shenhong. Mr. Xi Wenhua, Director of ISEC-UNIDO, will be head of the PV Lab, with the deputy head and co-chair position occupied by Chief Engineer of CTSP, Mr. Li Shun.

Yumkella hailed this historical agreement as a great “effort and achievement in solar energy application and deployment in China”, adding that UNIDO would do everything in its power to get behind the exploding growth potential of the emerging Chinese PV sector.

CTDC Chairman and CEO, Mr. Alan Li, acknowledged this profound opportunity to establish the Company as the leader in China’s booming PV market. Mr. Li welcomed support from ISEC-UNIDO saying of this “alignment” of interests that it gives CTDC major strategic advantages in China’s booming “grid-connected solar power market”.

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