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China Green Agriculture, Inc. (CGA) Receives Green Food Production Material Trademark for Humic Acid-Based Fertilizer Products

China Green Agriculture, Inc., a leading producer and distributor of humic acid-based liquid compound fertilizer in China, recently announced that the company has received the Green Food Production Material trademark for its humic acid-based liquid compound fertilizer products from the China Green Food Development Center (CGFDC). Granted to qualifying products from producers of pesticides, fertilizers, food and feed additives, veterinary drugs and packaging materials that meet a high quality standard for efficacy and safety in China, the trademark is valid for three years.

Founded in 1992, the CGFDC is commissioned to provide quality control and regulate food policy in China. Currently, CGFDC provides two different trademarks within the Green Food industry, the “Green Food trademark,” which is granted to edible foods and the “Green Food Production Material trademark,” a designated granted to production materials.

Mr. Tao Li, chairman and chief executive officer of China Green Agriculture, stated, “We are pleased to have reached the highest industry standard for each of our 131 branded products, which utilize our proprietary humic acid solution.” He continued, “According to the Ecology Institute of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Chinese farmers use approximately 41 million tons of chemical fertilizers every year, for an average of more than 400kg per hectare of farmland; far above the safe limit of 225 kg per hectare in developed countries. As a result, chemical residue buildup has rapidly decreased soil quality on Chinese farms, adversely affecting agricultural output and increasing environmental concerns.” Mr. Li concluded, “To address this issue, China Green Agriculture’s fertilizer products contain humic acid that substantially increases the fertility of soil and promotes overall plant development, while meeting the highest government standards for safety and quality control.”

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