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Cavico Corp. (CAVO) to Participate in Coal Mine Project in Vietnam

Cavico Corp. is an infrastructure, construction and natural resources conglomerate based in Vietnam. The company’s main focus is on infrastructure projects such as the construction of hydropower facilities, dams, bridges, tunnels, roads and buildings. However, it is also investing into other areas like cement, mineral and metals exploration, and urban development.

The company today announced that Vietnam’s Prime Minister NguyenTan Dung has approved its proposal for a project to construct a vertical coal mine shaft in Vietnam. Cavico will be the first domestic construction contractor to build a vertical coal mine shaft in Vietnam and is not required to go through any bidding process for the project.

Cavico has built numerous vertical shafts for hydropower plants, which share many similarities with vertical mine shaft construction. This expertise should allow access to Vietnam’s rapidly growing coal mining industry, which is shifting from surface mining to underground mining.

The project is in line with the government’s long-term strategy to shift from open-pit coal mining to vertical shafts. Vertical mine shafts enable miners to extract coal at greater depths and is considered to be more environmentally friendly than open-pit mines.

This could be the first of many such projects for Cavico. Quang Ninh Province is Vietnam’s primary coal mining region. Studies conducted by both domestic and international mining experts have identified hundreds of potential sites for vertical coal mine shafts.

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