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Bovie Medical Corp. (BVX) Receives FDA Approval for New Coagulation Device

Bovie Medical Corp., the first name in Electrosurgery and widely known throughout the healthcare industry for their Bovie® electrosurgical generators and accessories, announced FDA approval of its proprietary BOSS™ bipolar sintered steel coagulation device today.

Based on a saline-enhanced sintered steel technology BVX has been developing for quite some time, the BOSS™ uses a dual saline and radio frequency (RF) method to coagulate bone and soft tissue with vastly minimized blood loss, charring or sticking of tissue.

Such saline enhanced surgeries yield better results, improved post-op outcomes, and reduced patient recovery time while ultimately reducing both the time and cost of operating.

President of BVX, Andrew Makrides, called FDA approval for the BOSS™ a “significant milestone” in the Company’s continued engineering and development of ever more sophisticated, disposable, and high-margin proprietary offerings for targeted fast-growth markets.

Since 1926, electrosurgical generators have been a mainstay of the surgeon’s theatre, and today, in 2010, the work and traditions of the technology pioneered by Dr. Bovie in the 1920’s continues in a manner that would make him most proud.

The BOSS™ will be marketed primarily to those performing the roughly 1.1M procedures annually in the US, a hip and knee surgery market created by orthopedic surgeons who represent a booming market continually infused by capital from a more robust and active elderly population that continues to increase.

Truly renowned throughout the industry, BVX’s products also include the world’s No. 1 series of battery-operated cauteries, and the Company as a whole – via its product lines and distribution channels – is something of an institution within the healthcare field.

With a variety of applications in other surgical procedures, including abdominal, endoscopic, spinal and thoracic, the BOSS™ is ideally suited for a rapidly expanding worldwide market worth in excess of $500M, according to 2010 projections.

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