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BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd. (BPHX) Awarded $1.1 Million Contract by U.S. Dept. of Energy

BluePhoenix Solutions provides value-driven legacy modernization solutions that enable companies to leverage their IT assets for increased business value and improved competitive advantage. The company offers customers a comprehensive suite of automated tools, services, and domain expertise, from IT global assessment and project impact analysis, to automated database and application migration, re-hosting, and renewal.

BluePhoenix also offers a high level advisory service that provides CIOs and senior management with assistance in assessing the complex modernization issues that they face. BluePhoenix asserts they can provide the “best practice modernization strategies that provide rapid ROI, reduced costs, and improved productivity and efficiency, while managing operational risk.” BluePhoenix can help customers define their modernization strategy to align with business strategy, ensuring technology investment decision-making and architecture standards are aligned for improved business agility and efficiency.

BluePhoenix recently obtained a $1.1 million dollar contract to modernize the Department of Energy’s legacy systems. The project involves moving VSAM/COBOL, JCL, Assembler, CLIST, PL/1, CA Easytrieve and SAS – all IBM mainframe workhorse applications and operational languages, to a Java / Oracle environment. In general, the value added in a legacy replacement is in the re-engineering of processes and procedures, in finding the waste in processes that can now be done differently. This is no small task. If they are successful at this, a lot of businesses could be looking their way.

BluePhoenix is trading around $4.91 with a 52-week range of $4.04 to $22.73. Now may be the time to start watching this stock.

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