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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Wizzard Media (WZE)

Wizzard Media is focused on providing digital media publishing tools, worldwide distribution and monetization services to podcasters. Operating the largest podcasting network in the world with an unprecedented 1.2 Billion podcasts downloaded worldwide in 2008, Wizzard Media’s audience for podcasts has grown from 4.0M in 2006 to over 18M unique audience members monthly.

The company’s publishing platforms, Libsyn Indie & Libsyn Pro, power more than 17,000 content producers worldwide and host over 600,000 audio and video episodes that enabled a rate of over 3.34 million download requests per day in 2008. Wizzard Media offers their publishers a complete end-to-end solution, from the basics of accommodating all popular file formats and RSS creation, to advanced reporting statistics from Neilsen, a customizable flash player, and premier ad insertion technology.

Wizzard Media also offers programmers and businesses state of the art software developer kits and distribution licenses, making it easy for developers to incorporate speech recognition and text-to-speech into their applications. With offerings from IBM, AT&T, and Wizzard branded products, developers can find everything they need to make an application talk and listen.

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