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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Nicor Inc. (GAS)

Nicor, Inc. is rapidly developing a reputation as a multi-disciplinary energy sector powerhouse.

The Company’s primary business, Nicor Gas, delivers on its reputation as one of the largest domestic US gas utilities and serves some 2.2M customers in northern Illinois (minus Chicago). Nicor is included in the S&P 500, and is a member of KLD’s Domini 400 Social Index, which is comprised of the 400 top publicly-traded companies demonstrating excellence in corporate social responsibility and leadership.

Nicor owns several ancillary but parallel energy-related businesses:

• Nicor Services – home solutions for energy efficiency and indoor air quality

• Nicor Solutions – energy-related billing services designed to offset energy price fluctuations

• Nicor Advanced Energy – offers energy plans to manage natural gas bills

• Nicor Enerchange – comprised of a two divisions: Trading (leverages position and expertise in the Midwest to provide commodity-based services to wholesale/commercial/industrial natural gas markets); and Hub Administration (manages the Chicago Hub® for Nicor Gas, and provides marketing and service administration)

• Central Valley Gas Storage – developing a market-area natural gas storage facility in north-central California’s Sacramento River valley to be linked with PG&E

• Tropical Shipping – Florida-based leading containerized cargo carrier serving Caribbean/Bahamas

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