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Basin Water Inc. (BWTR) is in a Different Kind of Cleaning Business

Basin Water Inc. designs, builds, implements, and services systems that treat contaminated groundwater and wastewater, and provide for waste reduction, and resource recovery. The company has their own ion-exchange system that treats groundwater contamination at the wellhead. With headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, California, they are part of the Water Utilities industry and list on NASDAQ. They also have branch offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Tennessee.

The company believes their proprietary ion-exchange system reduces groundwater contaminant levels in an efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way. They currently operate in the United States to help water agencies provide safe drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people each day. Basin Water Inc. markets their ion-exchange system to utilities, cities, municipalities, special districts, real estate developers, and other water providers. As of December 31, 2007, the company had 79 systems delivered, or in process of delivery, in the U.S. These have a total installed capacity of approximately 113,000 acre-feet per year, or approximately 36.9 billion gallons per year.

Basin Water can provide three ion-exchange treatment systems, including onsite regenerable systems, offsite regeneration systems, and disposable resin systems. The company uses a direct sales force to market its products. They also use independent contractors, and they work on building strategic relationships in the United States to further market their system.

Basin Water Inc. provides a rapidly deployable solution for treating contaminated groundwater wherever enterprises require cleaning and decontamination of water resources. Their new generation ion exchange system can treat water at the wellhead or at a centralized facility. Enterprises can use these systems to treat water at a centralized facility, which means treating and blending water from multiple wellhead sources at a single location.

Basin Water offers a wide range of services, from evaluating well sites to providing flexible financing, or from designing a system to meet a company’s specific needs to installing and assuring satisfactory performance and assisting in obtaining permits and licenses. They also arrange for the removal of all waste products from a company’s site.

It’s a dirty job sometimes, but somebody has to do it. Basin Water continues to help their customers perform the cleanup of groundwater that is necessary to provide safe, healthy water to different populations in different geographic locations around the United States. They are in a different kind of cleaning business – one that is essential and ready-to-go for all who seek them out.

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