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Atmel(R) Corp. (ATML) Receives Product of the Year Award from Electronic Products Magazine

Atmel(R) Corp. announced this morning that its XMEGA(TM) microcontroller was awarded the 2008 Product of the Year by Electronic Products’ Magazine. The editors of Electronic Products selected XMEGA(TM) for its unique ability to provide unparalleled high performance while operating at a low power level. This was accomplished by utilizing proprietary event management circuitry that provides the highest speed-power ratio for today’s 8/16-bit microcontrollers.

Jim Harrison, editor of Electronic Products, stated that the magazine team felt the AVR(R) XMEGA processor was very innovative and, for many applications, brought the performance level of the 8-bit CPU up to an entirely new level. In some cases, the microcontroller raises system performance of the 8/16-bit microcontroller up to, or even greater than, 32-bit processors.

The 2008 Product of the Year Awards were announced in the January 2009 issue of Electronic Products. The winning products were chosen based on innovative design, significant advancement in technology or application and significant achievement in price and performance. Electronics Products has been recognizing the best products in the industry since 1977.

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