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Astea International Inc. (ATEA) Selected by World-Leading Telecommunications Solutions Provider to Automate, Mobilize and Optimize Global Field Service Operations

Astea International Inc. today announced that a world-leading provider of telecommunications network solutions has selected its Astea Alliance solution suite to automate, mobilize and optimize their global field service operations. Currently, the stock is trading at $3.22, up 74.05% from Friday’s close, on 214,331 traded shares.

Zack Bergreen, Chairman and CEO of Astea International, commented, “When it comes to scheduling field technicians in the telecommunications industry it can be an extremely complex and demanding environment due to the infinite number of variables, constraints and possible solutions that are typical in field service organizations. Every time a customer calls, call center dispatchers must base their scheduling decisions on a variety of variables such as, technician skills & availability, travel time, parts, customer service level agreements (SLAs), location, priority, customer expectations, and many more.”

“Without the most advanced algorithms and latest technology, performance suffers, putting a mission-critical part of a company’s business at risk,” he continued. “Our robust solutions address the specific challenges of field service scheduling optimization and mobility, while simultaneously increasing efficiency, accuracy and profitability to help companies sustain a competitive advantage in today’s volatile environment. With our dynamic scheduling engine and mobility solution the Company can now ensure that the right person with the right parts arrives at the right place at the right time. We are extremely proud that this Company has selected Astea to automate, mobilize and optimize their global field service operations to deliver a consistent level of service delivery around the world.”

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