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AspenBio Pharma, Inc. (APPY) Target Market Offers Significant Potential for the Company

AspenBio Pharma is primarily focused on discovering, developing, manufacturing, licensing, and marketing products for animal healthcare. The company uses its proprietary knowledge and technology to develop patented or patentable products that could have significant market potential. AspenBio Pharma also manufactures and markets approximately 30 antigen products, and actively advances the development of animal reproduction products for worldwide markets.

Focusing on veterinary medicines provides the company with several competitive advantages. First, since the FDA approval process for animal products is often less costly and time-consuming, the research and development costs are considerably reduced and the timeline to product launch is shortened. The animal healthcare industry also provides AspenBio Pharma with significant market potential since there is less competition compared to the human market.

The company is currently committed to completing the development of six novel products. Three of the products improve bovine reproduction, two of the products equine reproduction, and one human diagnostic product assists physicians by aiding in the diagnosis or rule out of appendicitis. AspenBio Pharma is also in the process of an FDA application with an Investigational New Animal Drug Application (INADA) filing for one of its new recombinant hormones.
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