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Art Technology Group Inc. (NASDAQ: ARTG) Reasserts Solid Guidance for Remainder of 2008

Many may have thought that the internet, and all the wonders that it can provide, has been in existence for a very long time. It does – after all – affect almost every aspect of our lives today. Fortunately or not, it has only been in existence for a very short time and is still finding its place in many ways. Retailing is once such area where the internet is still working to find its highest and best use. The digital generation is just now getting their hands on this aspect of its potential and ramping it from its infancy. If a company that is helping to ramp e-commerce into what it could be can be found, profit will surely follow.

Art Technology Group Inc., an e-commerce development/marketer software company, works to aid companies with e-commerce solutions directed at more efficient use of e-commerce software applications. Although not exclusively directed toward aiding retailers with their e-commerce needs, the company is focused on the retail e-commerce merchant as the bulk of its business.

As the retailing world becomes more accustomed to the realities of e-commerce, they are increasingly focusing on the most efficient methods of tapping consumer’s e-commerce dollars. ATG offers a full range of e-commerce solutions to customize individual retailer’s e-commerce needs. In most respects, the company’s products focus on cross-channel e-commerce issues where separate aspects of a company’s e-commerce platform need to operate as a cohesive unit; ultimately making a customer’s online experience more seamless and efficient.

From all appearances, the company looks to be having a solid 2008 where revenue and customer addition is concerned. License revenue growth is well ahead of same period of 2007 and is expected to continue on a predictable path – as outlined in guidance. Where many in the retail industry are experiencing difficult times, ATG is finding e-commerce platform growth and customer platform realignment revenues on the rise. Many might have thought that the use of e-tailing was here and established; from the company’s perspective it is merely realigning from a novel selling approach to an established marketing channel in the many forms it can take. Regardless of how e-commerce develops, Art Technology Group is ready to capitalize and book solid revenues for some time to come.

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