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American Science and Engineering, Inc. (ASEI) Receives $14.3M Order from U.S. Government

American Science and Engineering, Inc. (ASEI) was happy to receive an order totaling 14.3 million dollars from the United States Government for service, support, and parts for Z Backscatter Vans (ZBV). The company was awarded the initial Base year of the contract in 2006, valued at $11.0 million, and was awarded Option year one of the contract last year at $17.5 million. In all, the total funded amount comes to nearly $43 million, including this latest receipt.

American Science and Engineering’s Z Backscatter Van is an economical, highly adaptable x-ray screening system. It is built for installation into commercial delivery vans, allowing “drive-by” x-ray imaging of suspect vehicles and objects. This advanced technology has hundreds of applications, but may prove exceptionally useful in the war against terrorism. The system’s rapid inspection capability could improve airport-traffic safety by a huge margin.

“With this latest award, the U.S. Government will continue to receive the highest quality technical support for their ZBVs operating in the field,” said Anthony Fabiano, President and CEO. “AS&E’s Field Service organization consistently receives the highest customer ratings for quality and reliability and this service and maintenance contract ensures that the ZBVs will continue to operate at peak performance for the U.S. Government’s critical counterterrorism missions.”

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