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Aldila Inc. (ALDA) is into the Swing of Things for their Shareholders

When players on the PGA and LPGA use your golf shafts, you know you’re on the right track. Aldila Inc. is a manufacturer of high-performance graphite golf shafts. They provide these top-quality shafts to major golf club firms, golf club component distributors, and custom club makers who assemble and market their clubs to the worldwide marketplace.

Headquartered in Poway, California, Aldila is part of the Sporting Goods business sector. They list on NASDAQ and went public on June 8, 1993. They have a market capitalization of $45.67M. Aldila also produces hockey sticks and hockey blades, along with composite prepreg material for their golf shaft business and external prepeg sales.

Aldila started out in 1972 as a manufacturer of carbon fiber golf shafts. Carbon fiber is a composite material which is very durable and lightweight, making it a perfect material for golf clubs, as players continually look for strength and lightness to help shot consistency. Today, the company is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of graphite shafts.

The prepeg part of their business is the manufacture of reinforcement fibers or fabrics. Prepeg means pre-impregnated, as these fibers and fabrics have pre-catalyzed resin systems impregnated into them by an automatic process. Aldila integrated their golf shaft manufacturing process with the prepeg process in 1994 during the start-up of prepeg manufacturing at their Poway facility.

Aldila manufactures and ships their Aldila prepeg tape and fabric to outside customers. They will manufacture a product for a customer utilizing fibers a company specifies. In this way, they can custom-make a prepeg product according to a customer’s exact specifications. They will also take on small prepeg jobs. They strive to offer custom service on a small or big scale to suit clients’ needs.

Aldila continues to innovate when it comes to golf shaft and prepeg products. They know the best advertising for their golf shafts is the pros who use their product on the tour each week, and the best advertising for their prepeg products is the satisfied customer who needs the quality tape and fabric that they provide. Aldila is into the swing of things at both ends of their business.

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