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Adaptec Inc. (Nasdaq: ADPT) to Introduce its Green Initiative Solution for the IT Industry

Adaptec Inc. (Nasdaq: ADPT), a global leader in storage solutions, today announced its plans to launch its Green Power initiative to highlight and introduce its Adaptec Intelligent Power Management to increase the energy efficiency of disk-based storage. The company is partnering with Seagate Technology LLC (NYSE: STX), Western Digital, Supermicro, AIC, Chenbro and Rorke Data to carry out its “Green Commitment” to reduce IT energy costs.

The company’s Intelligent Power Management system is accessed through Adaptec’s Storage Manager software, supporting both SATA and SAS drives, and is ideal for applications with large blocks of idle time, such as disk-to-disk backup, e-mail archiving and file and print servers. Intelligent Power Management allows IT managers to configure banks of disk drives to operate in different power states at varying times, and automate the drives to spin up and down according to drive usage patterns.

According to, more than 50 million disk drives currently spinning in external storage arrays around the world cost more than $1.3 billion in cooling and powering costs annually. Adaptec believes its solution will save money and promote green initiatives.

“As global data storage needs grow dramatically, so does the need for even more high-performance disk drives. Disk drives consume about 33 percent of all the storage in an IT environment and are one of the most energy-intensive components in any computing system,” Suresh Panikar, director of worldwide marketing for Adaptec stated in the press release. “With Intelligent Power Management, we are expanding the capabilities of our RAID controllers to address this issue. The cost and energy savings achieved with Intelligent Power Management are enormous — potentially several hundred thousand dollars per year.”

“The storage industry continues to offer up a variety of solutions to help end customers to conserve energy,” Reinsel stated. “Solutions, like Adaptec’s, that provide IT managers the flexibility in managing disk drives at various power states and spin speeds, are an important part of the overall equation in bringing more efficiency to the data center.”

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