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A123 Systems, Inc. (AONE) to Supply Battery Packs for Electric Trucks

Yesterday, A123 Systems announced that they would be supplying complete lithium ion battery packs to VIA Motors for use in VIA’s eREV Powertrain vehicles. The 24kWh batteries will power both an onboard motor and generator in the trucks, and will enable them to drive on all-electric power for up to 40 miles. VIA’s range of trucks, vans and SUVs, called VTRUX, all utilize the eREV Powertrain system.

A123 Systems is a developer and manufacturer of lithium ion batteries and other energy storage systems that are utilized in the transportation, electric grid and commercial industries. Initially developed at MIT, the company’s proprietary Nanophosphate technology is based on nanoscale materials that give their energy storage products high power and energy density along with extended battery life and increased safety.

Along with powering the vehicles, A123’s batteries will function as exportable power sources and allow for the stored energy to be used externally. A123 has begun producing the new battery packs, while VIA has started delivering vehicles to commercial fleet customers.

Jason Forcier, vice president of A123’s Automotive Solutions Group, said, “We believe that the high power, greater usable energy and long life offered by our Nanophosphate lithium ion battery solutions will help VIA better position its eREV Powertrain platform as a cost-effective solution to maximize vehicle range and increase fuel economy. We think that commercial and government fleets represent a tremendous opportunity for vehicle electrification, and we look forward to working with VIA Motors to design eREV trucks, vans and SUVs that meet fleet customers’ needs for efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles that also satisfy their performance, range and reliability requirements.”

Kraig Higginson, CEO of VIA Motors, said, “VIA plans to ramp up production significantly over the next three years to satisfy demand for clean, fuel-efficient full-size trucks and SUVs. We selected A123’s Nanophosphate lithium ion battery systems because they are able to package higher power into a compact space in the vehicle.”

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