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A Look at Enterprise Oilfield Group Inc.’s (TSX: E) Successful History

Enterprise Oilfield Group is focused on utilizing a comprehensive business plan to acquire regionally independent pipeline construction and complimentary service companies operating in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). In Summer of 2005, the company acquired the highly successful A.G. Grant Construction located in Slave Lake, Alberta. AG is an established pipeline construction firm operating for more than 35 years.

In April of 2006, Enterprise acquired Trevor King Oilfield Service located in Wainwright, Alberta. Maintaining a focus on pipeline construction, Trevor King Oilfield was founded in 1994. The company has experienced incredible growth over the past several years and has developed an excellent reputation for their quality work and safety record.

In May of 2007, Enterprise completed the acquisition of T.C. Backhoe & Directional Drilling Inc located in Sherwood Park, Alberta. T.C. has been operating for more than three decades and generates the majority of its revenue from utility companies with approximately 20% from the energy services sector. Directional drilling and installation of underground power, telecommunications and natural gas lines are the main focuses of the company.

On October 1st 2007, the Company combined all of the operating subsidiaries into one entity, now known as ENTERPRISE ENERGY SERVICES INC. By reorganizing, the company is able to market all its services under the “Enterprise” banner, as well as possibly reduce administrative costs. Under this banner, Enterprise offers pipeline construction and horizontal drilling services throughout North-Central Alberta from construction offices in Slave Lake, Sherwood Park, Wainwright and Debolt, and field offices in Fox Creek, Wabasca and Red Earth.

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