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4Kids Entertainment Inc. (KDE) Sees the World from a Child’s Point of View

4Kids Entertainment Inc. (KDE), a major provider of children’s entertainment and merchandise licensing, sees their job as helping to entertain and engage children during their leisure time. With this goal in mind, they have, through their wholly owned subsidiaries, developed a number of channels to meet it.

Headquartered in New York City, 4Kids Entertainment is part of the Consumer Services business sector. They operate internationally and have offices in London, England. They represent some of the most popular children’s brands such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dinosaur King, and Cabbage Patch Kids.

4Kids provides domestic and international merchandise licensing, as well as TV, film, music, and home video production and distribution. They also engage in product development and website development. Their subsidiaries include 4Kids Websites Inc., 4Kids Technology Inc., 4Kids Productions Inc., 4Sight Licensing Solutions International, and Summit Media Group.

Their Chairman and CEO, Alfred R. Kahn, joined Leisure Concepts, Inc. in 1988. Leisure was a predecessor to 4Kids Entertainment’s licensing division. Kahn is the man behind the company’s expansion into a vertically integrated group of companies operating and known collectively as 4Kids Entertainment, Inc.

The company uses its 4Kids TV platform and its Internet sites to provide regular media exposure to the properties it represents. It also licenses an assortment of merchandising rights to these properties. These licensing categories include video games and accessories, trading cards, apparel, and toys.

4Kids Entertainment, Inc. continues to have the heart of a child combined with the determination of seasoned business executives, and sees the world from a child’s point of view so it can provide kids with entertainment that enthuses. 4Kids works hard to deliver their innovative brands of entertainment worldwide across many platforms.

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