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Predictive Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ: POAI) Subsidiary Announces First Commercial Sale of Unique Ovarian-Cancer-Cell Media

  • POAI’s TumorGenesis inks deal with top-rated medical university in New England
  • Predictive’s proprietary media allows researchers around the world to isolate, culture ovarian cancer cell types, leading to new targets for treatment
  • The TumorGenesis media retain more than 95% of the DNA and RNA as well as crucial proteomic signatures

Predictive Oncology (NASDAQ: POAI) has sold its first-ever commercial order of its novel ovarian cancer cell culture media for cancer cells collected from patient-derived samples (“PDx”) ( The sale, made through POAI’s subsidiary TumorGenesis working with distributor US Biological Corporation, marks a milestone for the knowledge-driven company, which is focused on applying artificial intelligence to personalized medicine and drug discovery.

“Capturing and culturing and then being able to study ovarian cancer cell types has always been limited by the ability to grow reproducible cultures that reflect what is in the patient,” said Richard Gabriel of TumorGenesis. “We now have isolated and grown 25 ovarian cancer cell types, 11 of that library, represents nearly 95% of all ovarian cancers, many of which have never been cultured prior to this time. This new media will allow researchers around the world to isolate and then culture ovarian cancer cell types and culture them reproducibly to find new targets for treatment, diagnostics or other studies on the close interrelationship of ovarian cancer tumor populations and how they are able to fool a patient’s immune system.”

The sale was made to a top-rated medical university based in New England. The institution will use the media for research in isolating and growing ovarian cancer cells from ascites fluid, which is typically found in the abdomen of women with advanced ovarian cancer. One of the challenges of this type of research is the difficulty of growing these unique cell types and retaining the signatures of the patient-derived samples.

The media made available by TumorGenesis and its partner, GLG Pharma, retain more than 95% of the DNA and RNA as well as crucial proteomic signatures, thus solving the challenge of using standard media mixes, which are often prone to failure, and cell lines that are not representative of the patient’s ovarian cancer. The announcement of the sale noted that “a recent publication highlighted the waste in research using unvalidated media and reagents that showed an increase to $28 billion in 2020* ( Experiments are the foundation of preclinical research and development; however, irreproducibility rates in preclinical experiments exceed 50%, costing the industry nearly $48 billion annually.”

POAI is bringing precision medicine, or tailored medical treatment using the individual characteristics of each patient, to the treatment of cancer. Through the company’s Helomics division, the company leverages its unique, clinically validated patient derived (“PDx”) smart tumor profiling platform to provide oncologists with a road map to help individualize therapy.

In addition, the company is utilizing artificial intelligence and its proprietary database of over 150,000 cancer cases tumors to build AI-driven models of tumor drug response to improve outcomes for the patients of today and tomorrow.

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* 2015-Freedman et al-The Economics of Reproducibility in Preclinical Research; PLOS Biology DOI:10.1371/journal.pbio.1002165 June 9, 2015

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