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PITOOEY! (PTOO) – Funny Name, Serious Potential

There’s no denying PITOOEY! is a funny sounding name, but the company is developing serious potential in the red hot digital advertising and marketing space. In fact, digital advertising and marketing is expected to exceed $160 billion annual spend by 2016 according to eMarketer. With their proprietary platform and unique format PTOOEY! is well positioned to benefit from this explosive growth.

PTOO is a complete digital marketing agency that delivers products and services to enhance communications between businesses and their target audiences through their wholly owned subsidiaries, Choice One Mobile and PITOOEY! Mobile.

Choice One Mobile is a digital and social media marketing company that provides customizable digital marketing solutions for businesses. Choice One Mobile’s services help establish a credible Web presence and leverage a business’s existing consumer knowledge to maximize profitability. PITOOEY! Mobile is a consumer-centered, proprietary mobile app. This new mobile application is a profile-based search engine within a mobile app.

The PITOOEY! app is a preference-based, searchable ad network. Using the proprietary PITOOEY! platform, businesses are able to upload messages and offers into a database, which consumers then access based on their pre-chosen preferences. This gives businesses a unique marketing interface while delivering consumers content, deals, and location-based information on their own pre-chosen criteria.

Both consumers and business are finding this unique new interface between business and consumers to be a more rewarding and effective interactive experience. This new digital marketing paradigm is fast gaining acceptability and producing serious results for PTOO. The company recently reported a 60% increase in quarterly revenues compared to Q2 2012. Despite the funny name, if PITOOEY! keeps growing at that pace it should provide investors with serious upside potential.

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