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OxySure Systems, Inc. (OXYS) Exhibits Profit Potential with Leading-edge Oxygen Technology

Any savvy investor can speak of the wisdom of looking at investment opportunities that breach new or virtually untapped markets. Companies that design and commercialize products or services that exhibit promise for defining their industry space or steering their industry in a new direction can often be cases for strong profit potential. Frisco, Texas-based OxySure Systems says it is doing just that, as it has created a unique platform technology that instantly creates medically pure oxygen from two dry, inert powders and enables this oxygen to be delivered on demand anywhere.

OxySure Systems’ launch product, the OxySure Model 615, harnesses this technology to enable a parent, bystander, or victim himself or herself to administer lifesaving oxygen in the event of a medical emergency. Its operation is simple: just a turn of its knob, and the device is ready to go. The company notes that the OxySure Model 615 is an emerging technology that will be a strong asset in helping its users in life-threatening circumstances as they are waiting for first responders to arrive.

The model’s breakthrough technology, combined with its ability to be used by anyone without any special training and its lacking any need for special maintenance, position it for strong market potential as OxySure Systems moves to make it a standard installed medical device in multiple private and public settings. To illustrate its market potential: OxySure targets enormous end markets that are at least as large as the install base for AEDs, which exceeds two million units, and potentially as large as the fire extinguisher base, which exceeds 100 million units in the U.S. (500+ million units globally). In concrete terms, OxySure Systems is taking efforts to initially target the 102,265 educational campuses, 350,735 manufacturing facilities, 350,000 churches, and 950,000 restaurants in the U.S. as product installation sites. The product also features a reusable housing and a replaceable cartridge, which must be replaced after each use or upon expiry of a two-year shelf life. Over time, this could result in recurring revenues and greater earnings predictability.

The OxySure Model 615 has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for over-the-counter sale, meaning that no prescription is needed to obtain it. It can be used for immediate on-the-scene oxygen supplication for well over 20 unique general or civic emergencies, as well as numerous homeland security applications. There are no hidden dangers in its operation, either—the powders used for oxygen creation are dry and inert until the product’s knob is turned, instantly creating medical grade oxygen. Thus no explosive, fire, environmental, or toxicity hazards are associated with the device’s use. Along with no requirements for specialized device training or product maintenance, the OxySure Model 615 also does not require any specialized testing or licenses and permits for operation.

The OxySure Model 615’s strong market viability, along with its lack of requirements for usage, may make it a solid opportunity for investors to consider. For socially conscious investors who are concerned about the effects of their investments, the OxySure Model 615 represents the best of both worlds: an attractive investment opportunity that exhibits strong market potential while truly making a difference.

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