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OurPet’s Company (OPCO) Thriving in Expanding Pet Care Space

It is the goal at many of today’s forward-thinking companies to drive initiatives that lead to the desired business outcome of environmental sustainability. In the case of OurPet’s Company (OTCQX: OPCO), dogs and cats are included in the business model. The Ohio-based company develops, produces, and markets an array of pet accessories and consumable products designed to draw out our pets’ natural feeding and playing instincts.

Evidence of the company’s commitment to ‘green’ is observed through its line of Pet Zone® EcoPure Naturals® toys, which are made from sustainable or recyclable materials. These toys are the Catnip Fruits Slices, Veggie Assortment, Spider Wand™, Loofah Wand™ and Catnip Carrots, just to name a few products.

OPCO endeavors at designing, developing, producing, and marketing numerous accessory and consumable pet products designed to improve the health, safety, comfort, and enjoyment of pets in locations around the world. The company serves up various dog and cat products; cat and bird feeders; dog and cat toys; cat and dog waste management products; catnip products; natural and nutritional pet supplements; and topical products. The company markets its products under the OurPets® and Pet Zone® brands. Most notably, the company leverages its business model by serving mass retailers, pet superstores, regional pet chains, grocers and pet food manufacturers and distributors. Founded in 1995, OurPet’s is based in Fairport Harbor, Ohio.

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