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OurPet’s Company (OPCO) Named ‘Company of the Month’ in November Issue of The Bowser Report

OurPet’s Company was featured in the November issue of The Bowser Report as the Company of the Month. Regular readers of the report are likely already familiar with OPCO, as the company has been recommended multiple times in the publication dating all the way back to May 2007. Recently, the company has caught the attention of researchers by reporting consistent and sustainable growth, and that performance has Bowser recommending OPCO as an addition to portfolios for the third time in less than a decade.

“OurPet’s, now a three-time recommendation, is the model for steady sales growth,” the report stated. “At current values, OPCO is fairly valued from a price-to-earnings perspective, but with the company’s steady growth potential, it could be a long-term winner.”

Taking a look at the markets in which OPCO operates, this growth potential is further illustrated. In 2013, the pet products and services market was valued at $71.3 billion, and additional industry growth is expected in the coming years. OPCO is capitalizing on these market conditions with a two-pronged branding strategy – including OurPets® for the pet specialty channel and PetZone® for the food, drug and mass retail channels. Through these brands, the company has secured roughly 250 distribution customers, including nationwide retailers such as Walmart (NYSE: WMT), PetSmart (NASDAQ: PETM), Petco and Kroger (NYSE: KR).

In the past four years, OPCO has leveraged its defined branding strategy and extensive intellectual property portfolio to record a 20.8 percent increase in sales. Likewise, the company’s earnings have grown from $120,674 to $1.1 million since 2011. In recent months, OPCO has attempted to build on this performance by increasing the overall visibility of its stock. The company recently joined the OTCQX, the highest tier of the OTC Markets platform, in an effort to continue pushing toward new 52-week highs.

The Bowser Report has been covering the most intriguing mini-priced stocks for just under 40 years. Utilizing a proprietary rating system and investing game plan, the report highlights the most promising stocks for long-term investment. Since 1976, The Bowser Report’s effectiveness has attracted tens of thousands of investors to the subscription-only newsletter.

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