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OurPet’s Company (OPCO) Executives Conduct Exclusive Interview with MissionIR

MissionIR today announces the online availability of its interview with OurPet’s Company (OTCQX: OPCO) co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Steven Tsengas, Chief Financial Officer Scott Mendes, as well as Dean Tsengas, co-founder, Vice President and general manager. The full audio interview is available at

OurPet’s develops, produces and markets various innovative pet accessory and consumable products. The company has 160 patents/patents pending, which facilitate its entrance into major national retailers. The OurPet’s interview starts off with a brief history of the company’s official launch 20 years ago.

“OurPet’s represented a dream that we had, to have a proprietary company that would be a virtual company … concentrate on product ideation, innovation, and the marketing and distribution of the products, which we felt would provide the highest level of return on investment, profitability, opportunity for growth … OurPet’s represented an opportunity to combine all the electronic and engineering experiences that we had, along with an understanding of the pathologies related to aging by pets and the problems they experience,” says Dr. Tsengas.

Dr. Tsengas discusses the overall pet industry, which at the time of the company’s founding was greatly lacking in innovation. OurPet’s decided to focus on three key segments of the industry — pet toys, feeding and storage, and waste and odor management — and its success in doing so is in the numbers. When OurPet’s launched its first trend-setting product in 1995, it was met with significant consumer response. In its first year of operations OurPet’s recorded $150,000 in annual sales. By the second year the figure jumped to $500,000 and now sits around $25 million.

“Our goal is to grow double to triple the industry growth, so our expectation this year is to grow at a high-digit number with an income of double-digit growth in terms of net income,” adds Dr. Tsengas.

In conjunction with this goal, CFO Mendes describes the company’s recently announced transition into a social media-driven awareness campaign to better communication with new investors and existing shareholders.

“We had taken a pretty traditional approach to IR … but we had not been seeing the trading activity that we felt the company deserved. So we decided to modernize our IR approach by getting into a more social media campaign … and get the OurPet’s story out,” he says.

The interview then touches on the company’s management team and the type of milestones it takes to become a high-growth corporation.

“One of the major jobs was, again, to develop and have the infrastructure to have seamless growth in the future, rather than a bumpy one … we feel we are at the point to support continuous improvement in revenue growth and profitability. One of the biggest things we had to accomplish was the branding of our company … that phase has been pretty well completed. In terms of product development, we have about 30 products in the mill at any one point in time. A lot of these products have been completed this past year increasingly will be launched in 2016 and beyond,” explains Dr. Tsengas.

On the operational side, OurPet’s has successfully established key partners around the world, which co-founder Dean Tsengas further details.

“It’s pretty diverse, as far as what the company’s offerings are and in order to focus on developing, design, marketing, distribution into the marketplace, what we’ve done is formed strategic partnerships with our key suppliers, both domestic and overseas … we’ve formed very close collaborative relationships with both our customers and our suppliers during the product development stage all the way through finished product and the full launch into the marketplace. This is what’s been the key toward our success, along with the key people in our company,” he says.

In conclusion, Dr. Tsengas flags upcoming company announcements with Japanese companies, and discusses the pet industry’s growth over the last 20 and how OurPet’s will continue to participate in the industry as a trend-setting leader.

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