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OurPet’s Company (OPCO) Continues its Mission to Teach New Pets Old Tricks

Ever wonder why domesticated animals seem less fierce than their wild counterparts? Dr. Steve Tsengas, the president and CEO of OurPet’s Company (OTCQX: OPCO), says that because our beloved cats and dogs do not experience the harshness of nature with the threat of bigger predators, they remain about 30% smaller than their cousins. They basically stay young forever as immature teenagers; complete with total dependence on their parents and occasional outbursts.

With this in mind, OurPet’s commits to developing and marketing inventive products designed to “awaken a pet’s natural instincts” while nurturing a relationship between pet and owner. For dogs, the company created a line of toys that gives Fido the mental stimulation and physical exercise he needs for healthy growth. For instance, the Buster Food Cube is a plastic ball that owners can fill with delicious treats. The catch? The dog has to figure out how to release those treats by rolling it around and the owner can even increase the difficulty if needed. There’s also the Flappy® Ruffy®, a squeak toy with flaps that simulates the feeling of caught prey to the dog.

Cats have their own feral-awakening toys too. With the Catty Whack™, felines chase a feather wand that moves quickly and randomly while squeaking like a mouse. This toy impersonates prey in the wild. Cats also enjoy the Play-N-Squeak™ toy line which brings out their stalk and chase instinct through a toy that squeaks like a mouse when handled.

Not only does OurPet’s Company develop healthy pet toys, but it also produces feeding, storage, and waste management products that aim to improve pet and owner lifestyles. Even more toys and products are under way that should contribute to the company’s goal of enhancing natural predispositions in domesticated pets and should be announced in 2016.

OurPet’s shows no sign of slowing down and says they are “at the point to support continuous improvement in revenue growth and profitability” which can be seen in the company’s record third quarter revenue numbers.

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