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Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OGES) Announces Partnership with Leading International Battery Technology Consultant Firm

Earlier today, Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: OGES) announced a new partnership with IST Co. Ltd, a Tokyo, Japan-based firm with broad relationships in the power and stored energy industries. Through this collaboration, the IST team will join the current Oakridge advising team through its previously established subsidiary in Hong Kong. IST is expected to leverage its broad relationships with university and research organizations throughout Japan and around the world in order to provide Oakridge with ongoing access to joint technology development opportunities for next generation rechargeable lithium batteries, such as lithium air, lithium-sulfur, nano-silicone and graphene negative electrodes, in addition to aiding in efforts to commercialize Oakridge’s previously developed thin film solid state lithium battery technology.

“We are all about latest technology and products at Oakridge,” Steve Barber, the company’s executive chairman and chief executive officer, stated in the news release. “With IST complementing the existing Oakridge advising team in Japan we have now greatly expanded our presence and relationship with Japan, while at the same time providing a much higher quality of equipment and raw materials for building our battery systems.”

With this partnership in place, Oakridge is better positioned to work with the highest quality Japanese equipment manufacturers in order to support future growth of its recently launched manufacturing facilities in the United States. The company expects the addition of top notch advisors and consultants to allow Oakridge to maintain its already high standards of technological advancement while continuing to drive innovation in its product line and address the evolving needs of its customers with the latest technology in high power battery and portable energy systems.

“We at Oakridge regard our relationship with Japan as highly important because of its technical prowess and also because it is a very strong ally to the United States and Australia which will be vitally important in the increasingly tumultuous international geopolitical situation,” continued Barber. “We are excited to be working with the high caliber of people and companies that we have had the pleasure to meet in the Japanese lithium ion battery market.”

The announcement of a partnership with IST caps off what has been an eventful week for Oakridge. On Monday, the company heralded the successful results of recently completed field trials of the Man-Portable Tactical Autonomous System (MANTAS), which was designed and produced by Maritime Tactical Systems, Inc. (MARTAC). Oakridge’s specialized, high performance batteries “greatly expanded the effective range of the MANTAS while at the same time providing us a much safer vessel,” according to MARTAC president and CEO Bruce Hanson. On Wednesday, Oakridge announced an agreement to supply batteries to Freedom Trucking for use in a fully electric interstate truck propulsion system.

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