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Moxian Inc. (MOXC) Offers a One-Stop-Shop for Businesses to Engage with Consumers

Developed in Shenzhen, China, Moxian provides a social marketing and promotional platform for businesses. The company’s platform, called MO-Promo, uses the concepts of social media and online gaming to promote businesses. This includes a Social Customer Relationship Management System (SRM), MO-Points, online gaming, a social networking site called MO-Zone, and a Social Loyalty program that rewards users for using their MO-Points. Moxian clients can use the SCRM system to stay ahead of consumer trends while advertising and campaigning their businesses on the website.

MO-Promo works out of the Weibo site, the company’s social media platform. This is where consumers can access blogs, podcasts, shopping, news, and more all while connecting to a social network. Topics on the site include history, education, movies, health, art, fashion, beauty, and even jokes.

Consumer users can then play a variety of online games such as Texas Poker, Destiny Tower, and Yulong Pass. During each game, users earn points which can be redeemed at the Points Mall. Prizes, which are sponsored by both Moxian and its clients, include more games, a Microsoft Surface 2, prepaid cards, Starbucks mugs, umbrellas, and more.

Fortunately, the fun doesn’t have to stay on a desktop. The company has also developed the Moxian+ app for both Android and Apple phones. Here, users can continue to network while being kept aware of local events and activities. They can also play games and redeem their winnings through the versatile app.

The combination of social media and online play gives companies the opportunity to advertise to the masses. Both consumers and businesses alike can network and learn from each other in a single place. Moxian encourages users to revisit the site by offering incentives, like points and prizes, which leads to a recurring marketable audience.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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