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Moxian Inc. (MOXC) Boasts Rapid Corporate Growth along with a Strong Management Team

Moxian, Inc. (OTC: MOXC) provides social marketing and promotional platforms for clients who want to promote their businesses through social media. These clients can run advertising and promotional campaigns while gaining access to consumer behavior data compiled from a database provided by the company through Moxian+, their social media platform. For consumers, Moxian+ is a great way to see what special events and promotions are going on nearby. They can also play games, message friends, and shop at an online mall with virtual currency, all while racking up rewards points. Businesses using the platform can study analytics, use business and marketing tools geared toward customer needs, and advertise their services. In a social media-driven world, Moxian is providing an integrated platform that aims to pinpoint consumer behavior so businesses can take advantage and make a profit.

Behind the scenes, the management team of Moxian is filled with experience, intelligence, and creativity. At the forefront is CEO and chairman, James Mengdong Tan, who has over twenty years experience in private and public company management in both Asia and the United States. His work history includes being the chairman and CEO of Vashion Group, executive director and CEO of Vantage Corporation, and serving on the board of Pacific Internet Ltd. Tan graduated from the prestigious National University of Singapore in 1985.

Another impressive team member is Director Liew Kwong Yeow, who has over twenty-five years experience in senior positions related to the quality, procurement, and engineering of products. Past employers include Matsushita Denki, General Motors (NYSE: GM), and Intel (NASDAQ: INTC). He holds degrees and certifications from Singapore Polytechnics University, Intel University, and the General Motors Institute.

The Director of Creative and Marketing, Edmund Ooi, brings two decades of creative development and managing experience to Moxian. He helped the company increase its drive in China with his vast marketing communication and creative skills. In the past, Ooi has helped generate the sales and marketing strategies of Samsung (OTC: SSNLF), Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Mercedes, Warner Bros. (NYSE: TWX), and more.

Moxian intends to consistently improve its product while expanding its reach to include a wider audience. In a recent news release, Ooi stated, “I think we have seen a great leap in our skillset and our ability to offer much stronger and more robust software.”

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