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Methes Energies International Ltd. (MEIL) Processors Aligned with Push for Domestic, Clean Energy Source

Biodiesel is the only commercially available fuel that meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) definition of “advanced biofuel.” The EPA reports that biodiesel reduces lifecycle greenhouse gases by 86 percent, hydrocarbon emissions by 67 percent, and generates a minimum of $3 billion for the U.S. economy as opposed to spending on foreign oil. And according to, the water required to make a latter is 26 times more than is required for biodiesel.

There are numerous environmental and economic advantages that serve as catalysts to the immense growth of the biodiesel market. The U.S. biodiesel industry produced nearly 1.1 billion gallons in 2011 and is pegged to produce nearly 2 billion gallons in 2015, supporting nearly 75 jobs and roughly $7.3 billion in GDP.

The quickening pace of biodiesel demand creates significant opportunity for a variety of biodiesel ventures, from biodiesel supply to biodiesel processing and production to associated software and technology.

Methes Energies International offers a wide range of the spectrum. The company offers a line of products and services to a growing number of biodiesel fuel producers – its biodiesel processors are tailored to each client’s facility and can run on a variety of feedstocks, such as soybean and plant oil, rendered fats, recycled grease, and algae. The company’s fully automated, compact biodiesel processors – the Denami 600 & the Denami 3000 – have emerged as a proven, reliable and cost-effective method to produce quality B100 biodiesel from a variety of feedstock.

With a suite of associated products and services, Methes Energies offers to help clients source their feedstock, market the biodiesel, and track the production process to ensure compliance with EPA regulations. Methes Energies remotely monitors the quality and characteristics of each client’s production, upgrades and services their processors, and advises on adjustments to improve the quality of biodiesel produced.

The renewable energy company also markets and sells biodiesel fuel produced at its showcase production facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and at its 13 MGY facility in Sombra, Ontario, to customers in the United States and Canada.

Biodiesel is a domestic, sustainable fuel replacement that meets the strict standards of the EPA’s Clean Air Act and reduces dependence on foreign oil. Methes Energies’ technology is a direct response to the need for environmentally sound, strong domestic energy production, and the company has positioned itself with a strong foothold to capitalize on growing demand.

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