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Methes Energies International Ltd. (MEIL) Embraces Competition

Methes Energies, a biodiesel company that creates wealth and security from energies that are friendly with the environment, is passionate about biodiesel, its distinctive properties and its promise as an alternative fuel.

Methes is also a company with a rare mindset about competition. While many biodiesel producers think of other producers as competitors, Methes welcomes the opportunity to share its experience—both the good and bad moves—with other biodiesel producers. The company has seen many producers fail not because of a lack of demand for their product but because of a lack of experience. Having experienced this too many times, Methes is fully aware that if a producer doesn’t master every aspect of the business, that producer fails.

The company sees old and new challenges every day. The same problem being dealt with today could be the one another producer dealt with yesterday. Working as a team to fix these challenges, rather than going at it alone, gives companies the opportunity to get there faster and cheaper.

As a growing number of biodiesel facilities become operational in coming years, competitiveness will be the key to long-term success and profitability and, as much as possible, Methes wants to be inclusive and bring its competitors into the fold as clients.

Methes’ clients benefit from a unique business model, a model similar to that of a franchisor in the fast food business. Right from the start, Methes provides its clients with full support and assistance through every step involved in the setting up of their biodiesel production facility, from obtaining permits and incentives to compliance and site layout. The company also assists clients with their daily operations by providing all of the resources needed for biodiesel production, i.e. feedstock, methanol, catalyst and so on. Furthermore, after production, the company will oversee the sale of its clients’ products. Add its full-time, remote online monitoring system and Methes stands out amongst other equipment providers because it offers a superior level of support.

Methes is stanch about providing its clients with only the finest equipment and unqualified support so that they can operate an abundantly successful biodiesel business with total peace of mind. As the company’s network strengthens, clients will benefit from the company’s growing buying power, research and development activities and support while maintaining their independence.

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