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Knightscope Autonomous Security Robots: Surrounding Yourself with Safety

  • Silicon Valley-based robot manufacturer Knightscope has developed a variety of autonomous security-monitoring sentries to help business and government clients keep vigilant against perimeter dangers
  • Guarding against property intrusion by hostile elements is a historically tried-and-true solution means of maintaining security
  • Knightscope’s autonomous security robots (“ASRs”) are unsleeping, pandemic-resistant models that can detect a variety of potential dangers to a facility and communicate remotely with personnel responsible for oversight
  • A client in Las Vegas gained media attention last month when the ASRs helped drive a sharp reduction in crime incidents there

Americans have become identified worldwide with the trope of the range-roving cowboy, which in the modern era might be a pistol-packing, brimmed-hat-wearing renegade updated to reflect the stereotype of people who seem practically unaware that anyplace exists outside their personal borders ( 

The trope may have been earned in a literal sense when military forces adapted the American 19th century invention of barbed wire to the world wars that defined international conflicts in the 20th century, using specialized versions of the range land protection tool to secure defensive perimeters in battle ( 

In the wake of the insurrectionist attack on Congressional officers at the U.S. Capitol in January, razor wire made its most recent high-profile appearance as an effort to protect the capital complex’s perimeter until it began to be dismantled a month ago ( 

As Security magazine noted in a recent article, “Keeping unauthorized intruders from entering a business location is a critical part of protecting corporate assets. Perimeters are the first line of defense but do not conform to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ safeguarding solution” ( 

The varied incidents of public mass violence have only served to strengthen the resolve of autonomous security robot (“ASR”) developers at Knightscope, who are working to present Americans with solutions for making public gatherings safe. Knightscope’s focus is on vigilance, leaving decisions about defensive combativeness to the ASRs’ human operators. But the company’s belief is that simply shining a figurative as well as literal light on the dark corners of any establishment may help deter problems. 

Knightscope’s three on-market ASR models include an indoor, stationary robot model that monitors its surroundings, a mobile version that is capable of recognizing and navigating around obstacles within a facility, and an outdoor version that patrols the perimeter around a facility. 

The ASRs have a wide array of digitally connected artificial intelligence capabilities. They can sense temperature changes in thermal sources, detect digital communication transmissions, perceive people in dark environments, recognize information that might be of particular interest to law enforcement and overseers such as a license plate, record video and audio in 360 degrees, communicate with operators and allow operators to communicate with people around the robot. 

“A violent crime occurs every four seconds and a property crime every 25 seconds. … Crime has more than a trillion-dollar negative economic impact on the U.S. every single year,” Knightscope founder and CEO William Santana Li said in a recent YouTube video about him and the company ( 

A Las Vegas apartment complex client demonstrated Knightscope’s potential value in deterring criminal activity through continuous patrolling. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported last month that the complex has become “a quieter, more peaceful place to live” since a Knightscope ASR was deployed there in the fall, and a police officer attested to the improved conditions at the site ( 

As Knightscope’s list of perimeter-patrol clients grows, so do the stories of the ASRs’ contributions to providing a safer environment for people to function in. 

For more information, visit the company’s website at where security professionals and decision makers can book a private demo and learn how to help better secure the places where people work, live, study and visit. 

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to Knightscope are available in the company’s newsroom at 

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