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HeartBeam Inc. (NASDAQ: BEAT) CEO Featured Guest on Big Biz Show, Talks ‘Breakthrough’ Heart-Attack Detection Technology

  • BEAT has developed technology that collects data to synthesize a 12-lead 3D vector electrocardiogram (“VECG”)
  • The device provides physicians with a 12-lead ECG associated with chest pain compared to a baseline ECG for the patient
  • This key data enables physicians to assess whether symptoms may be the result of a heart attack

HeartBeam’s (NASDAQ: BEAT) small, portable, easy-to-use heart-attack detection solution was the focus of a recent Big Biz Show episode; the Big Biz Show features fast-talking, hard-hitting discussions on business and finance. During the interview, Big Biz Show host Bob “Sully” Sullivan chatted with HeartBeam founder and CEO Branislav Vajdic, PhD, about the company’s groundbreaking new device, the HeartBeam AIMIGo(TM) 12-lead 3D vector electrocardiogram recording device that is designed to detect heart attacks anytime, anywhere (

“Most people know how a 12-lead machine looks,” Vajdic said during the interview. “It’s on a cart with all these wires running around the body. We have developed a 3D-based vector card technology that enables this device to collect enough data to synthesize a 12-lead VECG and provide that to the physician. Every time a patient feels symptoms, they pull this device out of their wallet, press it against their chest, and declare how they feel on the app, and that goes to our cloud, where processing is happening.

Vajdic indicated that the device, which will be prescribed by healthcare providers, will enable physicians to assess whether symptoms may be the result of a heart attack. Contrary to the widely held view of a patient dropping to the floor with a heart attack, most heart attacks manifest themselves as chest pain, which can be of various intensities. Chest pain, explained Vajdic, can be a sign of an occluded artery.

“That means the heart is deprived of oxygen and the cardiac muscle is dying,” he said. “Yet not many people realize that. An average person waits over three hours before they act on chest pain.” After three hours, the “mortality rate goes up by about 40%, so many lives are lost because of that delay. The sooner you intervene, the more cardiac muscle you save.”

On the flip side, he noted, many people head to the ER at any sign of indigestion. About 82% of those visits end up being unnecessary, costing the system more than $10 billion. The lost lives and wasted dollars are what HeartBeam is hoping to eliminate with its HeartBeam AIMI(TM) technology.

The technology is unlike anything else currently available, stated Vajdic, who also called the device a “breakthrough” and noted that it offers personalized data. “Every heart is different,” he explained. “Our diagnostic engine uses your normal state to compare it to your chest pain or perhaps heart attack.”

Both these patented products —HeartBeam AIMI and HeartBeam AIMIGo — are in development. The company noted that it is also committed to continue advancing the full potential of cutting-edge, 12-lead 3D VECG technology. That commitment is demonstrated by recently issued and allowed patents that appear to have the potential for significant market impacts. HeartBeam AIMI and HeartBeam AIMIGo have not yet been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for marketing in the USA or other geographies.

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