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GreeneStone Healthcare Corp. (GRST) Helps the Bottom Line of Corporate Clients

Based in Toronto, healthcare provider GreeneStone focuses much of its services on the mental health of employees for its growing list of corporate clients. These services include treatment programs for addiction, eating disorders, and other mental health issues that are now being recognized as significantly detrimental to a company’s bottom line. Up-front investment in evaluating and treating mental and emotional conditions is increasingly being seen as a wise business decision. It’s a movement picking up steam in both the U.S. and Canada, as gathering statistics point to the seriousness of the problem.

In Canada alone, where GreeneStone has all of its treatment facilities, the productivity loss resulting from workplace mental health disorders is estimated to be approximately $20 billion. One survey indicates that roughly 14% of employees say they have been diagnosed as suffering from depression. The Canadian government has now put together a national standard for evaluating the psychological health and safety of the workplace, primarily to help concerned company’s assess hazards and measure the effectiveness of associated programs.

These growing concerns and efforts mesh closely with GreeneStone’s stated mission: To be the trusted partner to organizations and their executive workforce by providing executives with seamless access to the health and performance professionals they need, when they need it, to perform at their best in the workplace. GreeneStone provides treatment and services in addiction, eating disorders, and other areas of mental health, as well as in cardiology, diabetes, endoscopy, nutrition, weight loss, and more. The idea is to provide companies and employees a coordinated, personalized, one-stop care system that meets a full range of mental and physical needs. Instead of leaving it up to individuals to search out and coordinate healthcare services on their own, GreeneStone offers an integrated case-worker managed system that makes getting the right care far easier and better organized.

It’s an approach that has also worked for GreeneStone’s bottom line, giving the company positive revenue growth over the past seven quarters.

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