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Genprex Inc. (NASDAQ: GNPX) CMO Video Discusses Advances in Company’s Fight Against Tumors

  • U.S.-based gene therapy developer Genprex, Inc. is dedicated to finding more effective and novel solutions for battling cancer (particularly lung cancers) and diabetes
  • Genprex utilizes a propriety platform that encapsulates tumor-suppressing genes within lipid nanoparticles that are injected intravenously
  • The company has received Fast Track designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) for its two non-small cell lung cancer (“NSCLC”) programs using its drug candidate, REQORSA(R)
  • Genprex also expects to begin a third trial using its REQORSA therapy against small cell lung cancer (“SCLC”) later this year
  • The company recently used its proprietary nanoparticle delivery system, Oncoprex(R), in pre-clinical testing against immunotherapy-resistant tumors, reporting success with a different gene than the one in use for the Fast Tracked programs, thus showing early viability for the use of the Oncoprex platform with a second tumor suppressor gene
  • Genprex’s chief medical officer discusses the developments in a new video released by the company May 23

Clinical-stage gene therapy developer Genprex (NASDAQ: GNPX) is expanding the breadth of its drug candidate potential with positive results from a preclinical study that examines the anti-tumor immune response of a gene believed to play a key role in suppressing certain tumors.

Genprex’s lead drug candidate, REQORSA immunogene therapy, uses Genprex’s proprietary, non-viral ONCOPREX Nanoparticle Delivery System to introduce the tumor-suppressing TUSC2 gene through an intravenous injection into cancer patients.

REQORSA is being evaluated in two clinical trials for non-small cell lung cancer (“NSCLC”) patients, and has received Fast Track designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). A third trial for small cell lung cancer (“SCLC”) will begin enrollment this year.

Genprex recently reported positive results from a study using its non-viral ONCOPREX(R) Nanoparticle Delivery System but substituting the NPRL2 gene for the TUSC2 gene (

NPRL2 has long been regarded as a tumor-suppressing gene with potential value in the fight against lung cancers ( Genprex’s preclinical study examined the ability to introduce NPRL2 using the ONCOPREX platform into humanized mouse models and to inhibit tumor growth.

“The whole point of our oncology program is to identify tumor suppressor genes, which are systematically deleted during cancer development, and then re-express the tumor suppressor genes in cancers. This process has shown preclinically that it can achieve strong efficacy and is currently being evaluated in Phase 1/2 clinical trials of REQORSA,” Berger said ( “Now researchers have replicated that process in in vitro studies with the NPRL2 gene, which we believe is validation that ONCOPREX as a platform may be used with multiple tumor suppressor genes to address multiple types of cancer.” 

The NPRL2 study targeted mouse xenografts KRAS/STK11 mutant anti-PD1 resistant metastatic human non-small cell lung tumors. PD1 is an immune checkpoint that can help tumors resist immunotherapy, thereby promoting tumor progression despite treatment ( By successfully using the ONCOPREX delivery system with NPRL2 to target the anti-PD1 resistant tumor cells, these new preclinical data suggest that this could be a new way to treat lung cancer patients progressing on anti-PD1 treatment.

Genprex is developing a gene therapy drug candidate pipeline to battle cancers through its non-viral platform and has a second program to treat Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes using a viral vector.

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