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FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (FPMI) Offers Major Market Advantages

For developing businesses, one of the keys to potential growth is to present products that have unique benefits not found elsewhere, providing a decided advantage in the marketplace. In the rapidly expanding field of molecular imaging, FluoroPharma Medical differentiates itself by developing unique imaging agents used in PET (Positron Emission Tomography). The company is developing radiopharmaceuticals that allow the early detection of disease, such as heart disease, long before traditional symptoms appear. The products that FluoroPharma is developing have distinct advantages in their ability to highlight critical processes that point to developing cardiovascular disease, sometimes called coronary artery disease (CAD), the country’s number one killer, at its earliest stages.

FluoroPharma has three products under development for addressing CAD. Two are currently clinical-stage molecular imaging pharmaceutical product candidates: CardioPET for the assessment of myocardial metabolism, and BFPET for the assessment of blood flow for CAD. They also have VasoPET for the detection of vulnerable plaque in CAD patients which is currently in preclinical development with human clinical trials expected in 2013. All of these products have technical advantages, and increase the potential value of FluoroPharma in the marketplace.

In a recent coverage initiation report by Life Tech Capital, it was noted that the molecular imaging space has been active for mergers and acquisitions, such as Eli Lilly’s acquisition of Avid Radiopharmaceuticals Amyvid™ [18F ] florbetapir for Alzheimer’s PET imaging in 2010 for $300M in cash and up to an additional $500M for milestones. Life Tech went on to say that they believe FluoroPhama’s cardiac PET imaging portfolio could make them an attractive M&A or partnering candidate as early as Phase II completion should they show strong clinical results.

BFPET advantages:

– Rapid extraction of BFPET from the blood
– Stable heart uptake of BFPET over time
– High target to background ratios
– Convenient imaging window within 30 minutes of injection

CardioPET, if approved, is also expected to have several advantages for cardiac viability assessment, and would represent the first imaging agent available in the United States for patients that cannot undergo stress-testing with acute and chronic Coronary Artery Disease.

VasoPET is unique in its approach to the non-invasive detection of vulnerable plaque, which is a significant unmet need and a large unaddressed market opportunity with billions of medical costs currently being expended on heart attack and stroke victims.

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