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eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI) Driving Market Growth with Product, Process and People

Every company’s success is determined by product, process and people. With unique product offerings in the real estate industry, eXp World Holdings (OTCQB: EXPI) has demonstrated both the need and the desire for its services. Revenue growth of 112% in the last year, and 178% agent expansion during the same period, is a testament to successful product acceptance and use. Process, the efficient execution and delivery of the company’s products and services, is also proven by the numbers. The third and, perhaps, most significant aspect of a successful company is people, most importantly, management.

Management sets the course and culture of a company and is responsible for both product and process. The management team at eXp World Holdings has the background, vision, and expertise to execute the company’s plan efficiently and effectively.

CEO and Chairman of the Board Glenn Sanford accumulated executive level experience with a number of technology-related companies prior to founding eXp World Holdings. About 20 years ago, he founded and led a successful online e-commerce and logistics company, where attention to product and process are paramount. Sanford became active in online real estate in 2002, and, from 2004 to 2007, he led a large team of realtors while specializing in online client acquisition, client conversion and technology. When the real estate boom went bust, Sanford responded by forming eXp Realty in 2009 as the first truly cloud-based national real estate brokerage. His vision, experience, and tenacity still guide the company’s success today.

Sanford has surrounded himself with creative, high caliber executive leadership. Russ Cofano, president and general counsel, has an extensive background in real estate and real estate law, and he has worked at executive levels in nearly every segment of the real estate industry. Cofano is a published and recognized author, public speaker, and a sought-after consultant in real estate matters.

The additions of Jason Gesing, CEO of the Real Estate Division and Board Member, and Vikki Bartholomae, president of the Real Estate Division, dramatically impacted the upsurge in growth of eXp World Holdings. Both senior veterans of the real estate industry, Gesing and Bartholomae bring experienced success to the management team.

Sanford chose an experienced and dedicated CFO in Alan Goldman. Goldman consulted for eXp for three years prior to joining the eXp team. He has extensive experience in public company accounting standards and financial reporting, along with multiple other financial and back office skills.

The board of directors is seasoned, experienced, and well respected, both in the real estate community and beyond. Drawing from varied industries and backgrounds helps keep eXp focused and provides infrastructure for fast paced growth.

With product, process, and exceptional people in place, it’s no wonder that eXp World Holdings has enjoyed such phenomenal growth in recent months.

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