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EverGen Infrastructure Corp. (TSX.V: EVGN) (OTCQX: EVGIF) Powering a Sustainable Future: The Incredible Whole-System Benefits of Biomethane

  • The European Biogas Association estimates the EU region could rise to 133-283 billion euros annually by 2050
  • EverGen Infrastructure provides a whole-system renewable natural gas solution that converts organic waste to valuable products while reducing pollutive emissions
  • EverGen has assets in three Canadian provinces, including operational facilities in B.C. and Alberta and partnerships with FortisBC, small businesses, and municipalities

Organic waste, which includes agricultural residues, food waste, and yard waste, was historically an infinite liability bound for landfills and incinerators. Thanks to modern technologies like those of EverGen Infrastructure (TSX.V: EVGN) (OTCQX: EVGIF), that same waste is now a valuable asset that can be used to create renewable products such as biofuels, bioplastics, fertilizers, and more. By diverting organic waste from landfills and converting it into renewable goods, businesses can reduce their environmental impact, create new revenue streams, and promote a more sustainable economy.

Biomethane is a renewable energy source that is produced from organic matter such as animal waste, food waste, and sewage. It is a clean and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, and it has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing and utilizing methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. In addition to its environmental benefits, biomethane also has several whole-system benefits that make it an attractive option for businesses and governments.

On that point, a report titled, “Beyond energy: monetising biomethane’s whole system benefits” from the European Biogas Association shows that, in 2030, the whole system benefits of biomethane production in the EU27 + UK could range from 38-78 billion euros each year. By 2050, the report shows the benefits rising to 133-283 billion euros annually by 2050. Moreover, the report states that the values, which are comparable to the gross domestic products of Luxembourg and Finland, are likely underestimated.

Implementing anaerobic digestion (“AD”) to today’s technology adds even more value, according to the report, to the tune of 84-175 euros per megawatt hour (€/MWh) of biomethane produced. AD is an alternative way to treat manure while producing biogas as a renewable fuel. Highly scientific, increasing the efficiency of AD performance is determined through accurate prediction of biogas yield in different working conditions.

One of the most significant benefits of biomethane is its ability to generate revenue for farmers and waste management companies. By converting organic waste into biomethane, these businesses can create a new revenue stream that can help offset the costs of waste disposal and other expenses. In addition, biomethane can be sold to utilities and other energy providers, providing a reliable source of income for these businesses.

That is where EverGen is establishing itself as “Canada’s Renewable Natural Gas Infrastructure Platform.” The British Columbia-based company provides whole-system solutions for converting organic waste into biofuel for energy or digestate for products such as premium fertilizer or animal bedding. The company operates Sea to Sky Soils and Pacific Coast Renewables organics processing facilities and Fraser Valley Biogas, a RNG facility, in British Columbia. To the east, it has a 67% ownership in GrowTEC, an operational RNG facility in Alberta, and a 50% ownership in Project Radius, one of the most ambitious RNG projects in Ontario.

With investments in the three provinces, EverGen has contracts with local businesses and municipalities to redirect waste from conventional disposal. The company is also a partner to FortisBC, a major Canadian utility, where the renewable natural gas (“RNG”) produced through EverGen systems is sold to FortisBC, which pumps it into its existing natural gas pipelines. RNG is a renewable biomethane that is indistinguishable from conventional natural gas piped from the ground by energy companies.

By capturing these emissions and transforming them into RNG, then combusting them into CO2, the overall greenhouse gases (“GHG”) impact is materially less potent than allowing natural decomposition to release methane into the atmosphere. Liquid and solid digestate matter is a byproduct of the RNG production process and is used as fertilizer and in other applications.

Biomethane offers a number of benefits for the energy sector. As a renewable energy source, biomethane can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and provide a stable source of energy that is not subject to the same price fluctuations as oil and gas. In addition, biomethane can be used to generate electricity, heat buildings, and power vehicles, making it a versatile and flexible energy source.

Perhaps one of the most promising benefits of biomethane is its potential to support a circular economy. By converting organic waste into a valuable resource, biomethane can help close the loop on waste and create a more sustainable system of production and consumption. This can help reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal and create a more efficient use of resources.

As with any emerging technology, there are challenges to widespread adoption – such as logistical issues in areas where natural gas infrastructure isn’t well established and upfront capital costs. To address these challenges, governments and businesses are working collaboratively on policies and incentives to encourage adoption of renewable technologies. In short, turning organic waste into biomethane and agricultural products is highly attractive compared to fossil fuels and landfills that contribute to climate change today with the added perk of generating revenue for farmers and waste management companies, to creating jobs and promoting economic growth.

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