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Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. (DCIN) CEO Continues to Drive the Theater Industry’s Digital Future

The rapid growth strategy of Digital Cinema Destinations is summed up by the company’s Chairman and CEO, Bud Mayo: “Basically, we’re buying movie theaters from all around the country and transforming them into entertainment centers. What we’re doing is making a difference by using all the digital tools that we’ve helped create in previous businesses to change the choice for movie-goers. Operas, pop concerts, lecture series, documentaries; we’re even curating many of those ourselves and participating in the down streams, not just showing them in movie theaters and splitting the box with whoever owns it. So we’re in a multi-level business, which is really giving a peak at the future of exhibition as we see it in this industry.”

It’s clear that, to Digital Cinema, digital technology has done more than just make movie distribution easier and the viewing experience better. Digital technology has changed the playing field, opening the door to a much wider variety of content, and allowing theaters to program their presentations more efficiently. A children’s movie that may play great on the weekends may draw almost no audience when it plays during school hours or late at night. Digital technology offers the possibility of programming presentations much like a television network schedules TV programming, filling more seats, maximizing asset allocation, and increasing profit. Live events and virtually anything that can be captured and displayed digitally are now a realistic part of the content pie, depending only upon educating the public that theaters can now represent far more than just movies.

If anyone has the credentials to drive the industry’s new face, it is Digital Cinema’s Bud Mayo, who did so much to pioneer and lead the digital theater revolution in the first place as the founder of both Cinedigm Digital Cinema and Clearview Cinema Group. In 2010, he was inducted into the film exhibition Hall of Fame.

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