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Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (NYSE American: CYBN) Reports Initial Results from Feasibility Study

  • Study indicates that ketamine-induced changes in functional connectivity last for several days after administration of the substance
  • Kernel Flow gathers real-time functional brain activity during clinical and research studies evaluating psychedelic-based therapeutics
  • Technology is “precisely what we need to accelerate the development of psychedelics into therapeutics,” says Cybin CEO

New data confirms Cybin’s (NEO: CYBN) (NYSE American: CYBN) focus on and commitment to progressing psychedelics to therapeutics. The company’s feasibility study using Kernel Flow confirms the device’s ability to successfully measure the neuro-effect of ketamine (, based on study results presented at the PSYCH Symposium in London.

Cybin has announced that preliminary data from the study indicate that ketamine-induced changes in functional connectivity last for several days after administration of the substance. Kernel Flow is the first easy-to-use, wearable device that collects and measures real-time brain activity before, during and after a psychedelic experience. Using the device, the study successfully measured the neuro-effect of ketamine over 11 days, confirming changes in functional connectivity that are consistent with current scientific research.

“Previously, studies had to rely on subjective patient reporting,” said Cybin CEO Doug Drysdale. “By utilizing Flow, we will now be able to quantifiably gather real-time functional brain activity during our clinical and research studies evaluating psychedelic-based therapeutics.

“Measuring where and how psychedelics work in the brain unlocks new frontiers of discovery in this space,” Drysdale continued. “Most importantly, Kernel Flow will enable us to measure the duration of effect during a psychedelic experience, which will be pivotal in developing the most accurate and effective treatment regimens for patients. This technology is precisely what we need to accelerate the development of psychedelics into therapeutics.”

Cybin is partnering with Kernel, a leader in noninvasive neuroimaging, for the study. During the study, participants receive either a low dose of ketamine or a placebo while wearing the Flow headset, which measures cortical hemodynamics experienced during an altered state of consciousness. Data was collected to create a baseline at days 1 through 5, with a dosing administered at day 6, then follow-up data was collected on days 7 through 11, confirming that ketamine-induced changes in functional connectivity lasted for several days after participants received the substance. 

“Kernel Flow is a groundbreaking neuroimaging technology that enables rigorous characterization and quantification of physiological processes in the human brain,” said Bryan Johnson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kernel. “We’re excited to report the pilot results of a longitudinally rich dataset of brain activity before, during a ketamine-induced altered-state experience, and after. The quality of the data recorded with Flow may lead to a better understanding of the neuro effects from psychedelics on the brain and help advance these powerful new therapies for patients.” The feasibility study involves participants wearing Kernel Flow, which features hi-tech sensors to record brain activity, while in an altered state of consciousness following the administration of ketamine. The system records brain activity throughout the four-week study, which is combined with information gathered from questionnaires and validated assessments.

Information from the study may be used by Cybin as it develops its two active drug programs, CYB003 and CYB004, which target anxiety and depression (, ( CYB003 is a deuterated psilocybin analog derived from psilocybin that is designed to achieve less variability in plasma levels, a faster onset of action and shorter duration of effect, as well as potentially better tolerability, for an overall better outcome for patients. 

CYB004 is a deuterated dimethyltryptamine (“DMT”) that, in its natural form, is rapidly metabolized in the body, unstable and not orally bioavailable. However, preclinical studies show the potential for overcoming these limitations such that deuterated DMT could provide increased oral and pulmonary bioavailability and faster onset, with lower doses, less patient variability, and better dose titration, resulting in fewer side effects and longer-acting desensitization of the serotonergic receptors. CYB004 is also being evaluated for its potential to effectively treat anxiety disorders. 

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