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Cybin Corp. at Forefront of Change in Psilocybin-Based Treatments

  • Company focused on furthering R&D of psilocybin-based medications
  • Cybin believes psychedelic substances derived from mushrooms can work as boosters for brain
  • Psilocybin shows promise for an array of mental health issues

Cybin Corp. is a leading life-science company focused on psychedelic and nutraceutical products to support various psychiatric and neurological conditions. The company is engaged in clinical trials, through a partnership with the Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science (“TCPS”) to gain regulatory approval for psilocybin and other psychedelic products (

In the 1940s, the study of psychedelic drugs for the treatment of mental health conditions began with the discovery of LSD. However, President Richard Nixon put a stop to this research in the 1960s with his war on drugs. Only recently have researchers began to explore psychedelics once again. This research is showing positive results in the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, eating disorders, ADHD and more.

This evolution couldn’t be more timely. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the need for anxiety-reducing therapies has grown substantially, and psychedelics may have the potential to make a profound impact. Clinical studies for PTSD and psilocybin therapy for treatment-resistant depression has won the acknowledgment of the FDA ( The combined cooperation of the FDA and investors is breaking down previous barriers. Psychedelic treatment may soon become mainstream.

Cybin believes that psychedelic substances derived from mushrooms can work as boosters for the brain, potentially rebuilding pathways and breaking negative patterns. Today more than 700 million people around the world struggle with mental illness, addiction or eating disorders — all areas where the benefits of psychedelic substances is being studied. What’s more, even though over 40 million Americans are taking psychiatric drugs, Big Pharma has not produced any new drug innovations in the last ten years (

The world is changing quickly, and people are looking for new and improved options for managing their health. Right now, only 10% of fungi species are taxonomically classified, leaving an enormous potential for future medical research. Cybin is at the forefront of that research, paving the way for new advances and leveraging its expertise in the world of medicinal mushrooms.

Cybin operates in the functional-mushroom market with a goal to develop fungi-derived medicinal products to treat mental illness and other health conditions. The business model of this early-stage, life-sciences company includes two wholly owned core subsidiaries: Serenity Life Sciences, focusing on advancing research and development of psilocybin-based pharmaceutical products, and Natures Journey Inc., developing medicinal nonpsychedelic nutraceutical products.

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