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Meeting 2050 Decarbonization Targets is Grounded on Retrofitting Current Spaces, and Correlate Infrastructure Partners Inc. (CIPI) Is Out to Meet the Growing Demand

  • The built environment currently accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s carbon emissions, with the figure expected to double by 2060
  • The current administration has already set the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of the U.S. building stock by 50% come 2035, in addition to meeting the net-zero carbon emissions goals by 2050
  • Experts have pointed to the use of technology as the answer to reducing buildings’ carbon footprint, and retrofitting existing buildings has proven to be a viable way of achieving the carbon goals, which is what Correlate is all about
  • Correlate recognizes the opportunity at hand and looks to capitalize on it to not only push the retrofitting conversation forward but also provide the necessary systems, infrastructure, and services that facilitate these retrofits

Currently, “built environment” (existing buildings) is considered the single largest carbon emitter, way ahead of transportation and agriculture. It accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s carbon emissions, which is expected to double by 2060. Experts point to the use of technology as the answer to this growing problem, replacing legacy systems with smarter, greener ones. Of note is the significant financial upside associated with this move, alongside tenant satisfaction and higher occupancy rates (

Correlate Infrastructure Partners (OTCQB: CIPI), a tech-enabled development, finance, and fulfillment platform for distributed energy solutions across North America, recognizes the issue at hand and the opportunity that it presents. Its focus is on retrofitting existing commercial buildings with renewable energy solutions, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and overall energy consumption. Through its industry-leading energy solution and financing platform for the commercial and industrial sectors, Correlate is helping to reduce site-specific energy use. It does so while also deploying clean energy generation and energy efficiency solutions at scale, ultimately helping mitigate climate change’s effects.

With a significant amount of a building’s energy spent on heating, cooling, and lighting, Correlate is looking to address that with solar energy. Its push for locally-sited solar and energy storage presents an avenue for real estate owners to reduce their reliance on the national grid. It also allows them to achieve massive cost savings from an energy consumption standpoint and improve their net operating income while meeting carbon reduction goals. The growing conversation around building emissions and the advancing recognition of the importance of controlling them presents a significant opportunity for Correlate, and the company is committed to taking advantage of it.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of an industry that is at an inflection point, and we are eager to begin working to change the way commercial real estate owners optimize energy assets,” noted Todd Michaels, Correlate’s CEO.

“Whether you are a commercial business just starting your ESG journey or a building asset owner looking to advance to digital procurement solutions, we are there to bring you into the modern energy era. Correlate provides the platform that makes energy optimization easy going forward,” he added (

For more information, visit the company’s website at, including the following:

Correlate is uniquely positioned to address a total market of over 5.9 million commercial buildings in the United States. So far, the Biden administration has set the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of the U.S. building stock by 50% come 2035 ( This is in addition to the net-zero carbon emissions goals by 2050, which the country is committed to achieving. Retrofitting existing buildings will be integral to achieving these goals, and Correlate is well positioned to push this conversation forward. It is also well-equipped to provide the necessary systems, infrastructure, and services for these retrofits. The demand for these retrofits is rising, and Correlate is out to satisfy it.

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