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Correlate Infrastructure Partners Inc. (CIPI) – Making Energy Transition Efficient, Transparent, and Cost-Effective

  • Correlate addresses anticipated questions about energy retrofits for the commercial and industrial sector through its industry-leading advanced energy solution and financing platform
  • The company is reducing the overall barrier of entry into the renewable energy space while also aiding in the installation and overall maintenance of high-efficiency infrastructure
  • The company has developed a network of financing partners to cater to project needs, allowing even more customers to access renewable energy solutions for their buildings to reduce their overall carbon footprint, while helping to ensure positive economic return of retrofits in a much shorter timeframe

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, buildings are the largest consumers of energy and one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions in the United States. They account for 70% of electricity use and about 40% of total primary energy consumption in the country. In 2020, carbon dioxide (“CO2”) from energy use in buildings accounted for about 37% of global emissions (

To remedy the situation, electrification retrofits that remove fossil gas are being seen as a critical climate solution, given their overall efficiency and sustainability. Legitimate concerns that building owners have regarding short and long-term returns of potential retrofits are addressed by Correlate Infrastructure Partners (OTCQB: CIPI), a distributed energy solutions company, through its advanced energy solution and financing platform.

Correlate, providing efficient and affordable energy solutions across North America, sees the scaling of distributed clean energy solutions as critical and doable in countering the effects of climate change. Through its two subsidiaries, Correlate and Solar Site Design, the company sees a unique market opportunity to reduce site-specific energy consumption and deploy clean energy generation and clean energy solutions at scale, focusing on retrofitting commercial buildings.

Through its unique commercial and industrial sector platform, Correlate meets the economic concerns of building owners in retrofitting their establishments. The company is reducing the overall barrier of entry into the renewable energy space with its finance model while also aiding in the installation and overall maintenance of the installed infrastructure, ultimately making it easier for customers to transition to renewable energy alternatives.

Since its inception, Correlate has sought to remove friction between today’s legacy finance processes and the needed clean-energy upgrades developed within its program technologies. To this end, it has developed a network of financing partners to cater to most project financing needs. This allows even more customers access to renewable energy solutions for their buildings and proper energy management and improvement projects specifically tailored to reduce the overall buildings’ carbon footprint.

As the cost of solar components continues to drop, Correlate is confident that more building owners will embrace solar power as an alternative energy source to lower their carbon footprint. The company’s management is also confident that through its finance platform and the network built so far, Correlate will continue to offer value to its customers, guaranteeing the economic return of their retrofits in a much shorter timeframe.

“Correlate Infrastructure Partners is making energy management and procurement transparent and cost-effective as we digitize the process that has been archaic for way too long,” noted Todd Michaels, Correlate’s CEO.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of an industry that is at an inflection point, and we are eager to begin working to change the way commercial real estate owners optimize energy assets,” he added (

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