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ContentChecked Holdings, Inc. (CNCK) Gains Wide Exposure in ValuePenguin Publication

ContentChecked Holding today issued a press release announcing that one of its degreed nutritionists, Tara Zamani, provided valuable insight in a recent ValuePenguin article on employment as a dietician/nutritionist.

“Los Angeles is full of food gurus, raw foodies, vegans, vegetarians and nutrition-savvy individuals. I love working in L.A. as a nutritionist because many of my clients already have a good understanding of nutrition and are very open-minded when it comes to holistic health. L.A. is a hub for holistic nutrition, alternative medicine and many people here prefer to use natural remedies for healing, rather than traditional methods,” Zamani stated in the article. “Nutritionists are in demand, which makes it a great city for a new nutritionist to start a career. L.A. also offers many healthy restaurants, farmers’ markets, co-ops, health food stores and wellness centers, and guiding clients to choose healthier eating places is easy.”

ValuePenguin currently has an audience of approximately 350,000 monthly viewers, and the article published ( links back to ContentChecked’s website where readers can learn more about the company’s offerings.

Contributing nutritional expertise is an important part of ContentChecked’s efforts to raise awareness of its family of health apps and help Americans better manage their food allergies, migraines and overall health.

“Each ContentChecked employee is highly valued for their strong contributions and hard work that firmly roots our company in the marketplace,” says Kris Finstad, CEO of ContentChecked, the developer of MigraineChecked, SugarChecked and ContentChecked, a family of health apps for people with dietary restrictions and/or food preferences. “It’s always a pleasure to see the expertise of one of our team members being sought after and published in a well-recognized and read publication like ValuePenguin.”

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