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ContentChecked Holdings, Inc. (CNCK) Featured in Leading Non-Prescription and Nutritional Industries Publication

ContentChecked Holdings, Inc. was recently featured in “The Tan Sheet,” a leading trade publication that covers the non-prescription pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. In its October 9th issue, “The Tan Sheet” highlighted ContentChecked’s recently announced and unique partnership with Troy Healthcare.

Under the previously announced partnership, ContentChecked and Troy Healthcare have teamed up to apply their innovative products, MigraineChecked and Stopain® Migraine, respectively, to help consumers gain access preventative information and fast-acting relief from migraines.

MigraineChecked is a unique, free mobile app that scans food bar codes to help consumers detect and avoid the more than 250,000 packaged foods known to trigger migraines. MigraineChecked users can set up profiles and favorites for themselves, as well as for family members or friends who may also experience migraines. Stopain Migraine is a topical gel that provides safe, fast and effective migraine pain relief without pills, known side effects or the risk of drug interaction. Stopain Migraine does not include aspirin, caffeine or acetaminophen, and can be used alone or in conjunction with other medications since there are no known drug interactions.

“The Tan Sheet” is a weekly trade magazine that provides customers with essential regulatory, business and clinical information concerning the healthcare industry. As the over-the-counter (OTC) industry’s leading source of analysis, information and news, “The Tan Sheet” is read by a growing audience of executives, marketers, consultants and investors.

“The Tan Sheet’s” coverage of ContentChecked and Troy Healthcare provides both companies with considerable exposure among these invaluable demographics.

“We’re honored to be featured in such a reputable, industry-leading publication,” said Kris Finstad, CEO of ContentChecked, the developer of MigraineChecked, SugarChecked and ContentChecked, a family of health apps for people with dietary restrictions and/or food preferences. “As we continue to advance exposure and availability of the ContentChecked brand, exposure of this nature is highly favorable to our growth initiatives and to spreading the word of our innovative and exciting technologies.”

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