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Content Checked (CNCK) CEO Authors Piece for Home Business® ONLINE

Kris Finstad, CEO of Content Checked Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: CNCK), recently penned an article for Home Business® ONLINE, the web-based counterpart of the largest magazine targeting the home-based business sector with an audience of roughly 54,000 unique monthly visitors. In the piece, titled ‘How to Turn a Passion Project into a Viable Business’, Finstad details how Content Checked was created from an ambitious idea to help those living with potentially fatal food allergies to the development of a suite of dietary apps boasting more than two million registered users, over 60% of whom use the apps on a regular basis. Today, Content Checked offers users access to a product database containing up-to-date information on over 70 percent of conventional U.S. food products, and impending international expansion in Canada, the U.K. and Australia has Finstad predicting that Content Checked will see a “breakthrough year” in 2016.

In his Home Business® ONLINE piece, Finstad provides prospective shareholders some additional insight into the keys to Content Checked’s continued growth in the $13 billion food allergy and intolerances market. To start, he suggests that the formulation of a well-defined business strategy that addresses a sizable market demand is imperative.

“As a real estate investor, I knew very little about the food allergy and dietary world, but I spent nearly a year immersed in this market, getting to know what competitors already existed, my target audience, and my own strengths and weaknesses as a businessman,” Finstad stated in the article. “There was a need for a tool to aid this particular audience and current products on the market were unreliable and inaccurate. After conducting enough research and evaluation of a particular industry, an understanding of what is lacking on the market or what can be improved will become clear.”

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After identifying a consistent market need in a particular industry, Finstad notes that building a knowledgeable and dedicated team is vital to the success of any young business. Because every businessperson has a collection of strengths and weaknesses, assembling a management team and staff made up of members possessing unique skills is a great way to accomplish daily goals without the need to micromanage, allowing me to focus more on the big picture.

“You can’t run a business alone,” continued Finstad. “Hiring talent who bring in skills that you don’t possess is also extremely important – this allows companies to think outside the box and bring in multiple perspectives that are different from your own.”

In addition to offering helpful tips to would-be entrepreneurs, Finstad’s article provides great exposure to Content Checked and its suite of dietary apps.

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