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Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (HOTR): Lots of Exciting Developments

Chanticleer Holdings is an operating holding company that owns and operates several restaurant brands across the world. The company is well-known for its ownership stake in Hooters of America but has also been acquiring other brands with the intention of expanding its entire suite of brands both internationally and domestically.

In addition to Hooters of America, Chanticleer Holdings is also the owner and operator of American Roadside Burgers which currently has 5 restaurant locations along the eastern coast of the United States. The company also owns a majority interest in Just Fresh Restaurants which is a fresh food-focused casual dining brand that has 5 restaurant locations in Charlotte, NC.

Last week, Chanticleer Holdings announced a new distribution deal with Appalachian Mountain Brewery. Mike Pruitt, the CEO of Chanticleer Holdings, has agreed to assist AMB with distribution of its unique, craft beer into the restaurants it manages. Given the fact that U.S. consumers drink roughly $200 billion worth of beer each year, this distribution deal could draw in additional customers to the restaurants owned and managed by Chanticleer Holdings.

This deal follows the company’s earlier announcement to acquire Spoon Bar & Kitchen, a fine dining seafood restaurant. Chanticleer plans to expand the Spoon brand into a new, fast-casual dining concept. Given the developments at Chanticleer, it’s easy to understand how the company has managed to significantly improve its revenue stream over the past 3 years. Last year, the company generated $6.9 million in revenue, compared to just $1.5 million in 2011. Because of this impressive growth, shares have surged by 79% over the past 52 weeks. This is likely only the beginning.

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